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Our goal is for parks and public spaces across the UK to be designed with teenage girls in mind.

A group of girls sat around a table in a consultation workshop

We ensure that the voices of teenage girls are centred in all projects. And we raise awareness of the issue with all these groups and the general public.

An illustration of girls in a park


It’s essential to engage with teenage girls if we want to make parks and public spaces which work for them. This collection of resources will help us to hear those harder to reach voices and enable them to articulate what they need from parks and public space.

“Currently I am refurbishing several play areas and included in the brief for all sites is an instruction to “Make Space for Girls” and a link to your website. The designs are judged on several criteria, one is specifically “Has provision for girls been taken into account?” [...] You are changing the mind-set of the developers.”

Council play specialist

What does better
look like?

We’ve created some images to get people talking about what might be found in spaces designed with girls in mind. There isn’t an “off the shelf” solution. Key to making space work for girls is talking to teenage girls, to understand their take on their local spaces, the barriers they face to enjoying these spaces and involving them in the design process.

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