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We campaign for parks and public spaces to be designed for girls and young women, not just boys and young men.

A girl in a sheltered park space

We raise awareness of the issue, as well as using research and campaigning to ensure that the voices of girls and young women are heard in the planning process.

Above all, we place teenage girls at the centre of all our work - they are the experts on their local spaces and understand how to make things better. And there is no ‘one size fits everyone’; all their voices need to be heard for change to happen.

We are working on a range of projects which improve parks and other outdoor spaces in order to support opportunities for teenage girls and improve their mental and physical well-being and their access to public space. We collaborate with a wide range of institutions, including universities, health trusts, councils and developers to create change.

Co-founder & Trustee
Co-founder & Trustee

Susannah Walker

Susannah Walker's varied career has included working in museums, as a tv producer for the BBC and Channel 4 and writing several books. She became outraged when she realised that not only had her local council only provided outdoor facilities for teenage boys, they didn’t propose to do anything about it either.  She particularly enjoys gathering data and finding great examples of spaces for teenage girls from other countries.

Caroline Millar

Caroline Millar first became involved in her local park in Hackney in 2002 when she started running annual free summer events for children and young people out of an almost derelict bowling pavilion. She went on to chair the park’s user group for many years and was closely involved in a major restoration project involving a complete redesign of the park and its facilities. Caroline now chairs the GP Confederation in City and Hackney. She is strongly committed to addressing health inequalities and ensuring everyone has access to high quality and accessible public spaces.
“Make Space for Girls has some great resources compiling findings and actions taken by councils across the world and what has been learnt from the process of consulting with local girls and designers so far.”

Abigail Gaines

Friends of Rowntree Park

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