For councils

Councils  have the power to transform how local parks feel for teenage girls in their community.

But change isn’t about painting areas pink, separating boys and girls or getting rid of skateparks or MUGAs.It is about creating spaces in our parks that are more inclusive for all and creating great social value. And it isn’t rocket science.

An image of group of girls chatting

We provide the information and tools councils need to:

Create parks which are more inclusive for all

Better spaces can promote healthier lifestyles and add social value. And spaces that work better for teenage girls can work better for many other groups.

Understand what teenage girls want from parks and public spaces

Skate parks and MUGAs only work for a small proportion of young people – a wider range of facilities is much more inclusive.

Recognise the barriers to change

Lack of information and policies that don't recognise the issues both embed unequal treatment for teenage girls into practice. Engagement, research and equality law provide tools to overcome this.

Make sure teenage girls are heard

Reaching girls and other minoritized genders can be difficult but their voices are essential for change

We provide resources for change


We’ve assembled the data on what’s not working and information on what teenage girls want from public spaces


Practical guidance on equality law, planning and how to implement changes.


Teenage girls know the place they live and what would make it better- engagement is at the heart of creating more inclusive space


Examples of better spaces designed by and for teenage girls – both in the UK and abroad.

How Councils can create better, more inclusive parks and public spaces:


It’s essential to engage with teenage girls if we want to make parks and public spaces which work for them. This collection of resources will help us to hear those harder to reach voices and enable them to articulate what they need from parks and public space.

An illustration of girls in a park

What does better
look like?

We’ve created some images to get people talking about what might be found in spaces designed with girls in mind. There isn’t an “off the shelf” solution. Key to making space work for girls is talking to teenage girls, to understand their take on their local spaces, the barriers they face to enjoying these spaces and involving them in the design process.

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