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Create masterplans and new developments inclusive for teenage girls.

Working with developers is a key part of what we do, because creating spaces which include teenage girls is most effective when they’re designed into a project from the start.

A group of girls sat around a table in a consultation workshop

With our input, developers can

Promote greater inclusivity

Our resources can assist developers to build more inclusive and creative spaces.

Engage with a new audience

Teenage girls are often absent from community engagement processes. But they are a key audience if spaces are to work well for families and the wider community.

Develop healthier places

Providing active environments is key to creating healthier communities. To do this we need to think beyond the traditional MUGA and skatepark model for teenage play

Add social value to developments

Increasingly developers are engaging with the language of social value and are willing to invest in initiatives that create long-term and sustainable change for good.

We can help to

Support masterplan work as a critical friend

We can add value by bringing an outside perspective to a master plan, asking different questions and looking at designs through a lens that recognizes that gender plays an important role in how people access and enjoy the public realm.

Facilitate engagement with teenage girls

Often the voices of teenage girls simply aren't there when consultation happens. We can help you create a two way, on-going process, which develops a shared sense of ownership in a project and providing better, more inclusive outcomes.

Provide training for the wider team

Making changes to how we create public spaces involves many different teams: engagement and social value, planning, design and implementation. We can ensure that team members have a common understanding of the issues and how to address them.  

Talk to us about how we can work together to create better spaces.

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It’s essential to engage with teenage girls if we want to make parks and public spaces which work for them. This collection of resources will help us to hear those harder to reach voices and enable them to articulate what they need from parks and public space.

An illustration of girls in a park

What does better
look like?

We’ve created some images to get people talking about what might be found in spaces designed with girls in mind. There isn’t an “off the shelf” solution. Key to making space work for girls is talking to teenage girls, to understand their take on their local spaces, the barriers they face to enjoying these spaces and involving them in the design process.

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