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Help change the way spaces are made by getting involved

Make Space for Girls is a relatively new charity, and we are really grateful for all the organisations and people who have worked with us so far.

We collaborate with a wide range of institutions and people to make change happen.

How can you support us?

Academic institutions

To help inform future work we are collaborating on research projects with a range of institutions, looking at space, activity, safety and what girls need.

Researchers and students

Presenting our work to students of health, planning and design ensures that the needs of girls are considered in future developments and policy.

Third sector partners

Collaborations with charities and other organisations includes improving their provision, promoting our campaign with teenage girls and informing future developments


We always welcome enquires from the media so that we can raise awareness of these issues with the widest audience possible.


It’s essential to engage with teenage girls if we want to make parks and public spaces which work for them. This collection of resources will help us to hear those harder to reach voices and enable them to articulate what they need from parks and public space.

An illustration of girls in a park

What does better
look like?

We’ve created some images to get people talking about what might be found in spaces designed with girls in mind. There isn’t an “off the shelf” solution. Key to making space work for girls is talking to teenage girls, to understand their take on their local spaces, the barriers they face to enjoying these spaces and involving them in the design process.

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